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Holy Nemeton, Batman! PokeWolf AU! 

I’ve been working on this for a while, and I finally finished the set. It all started with Kira, and then kind of blew over from there. I also have some personal headcanons to go along with it. I created these headcanon to sort of compliment original canon from the show, so there will be some spoilers ahead if you read. If you’re not up to date steer clear~

Scott and Lucario 

Lucario “The Aura Pokemon” It has the ability to sense the auras of all things

Lucario has been with Scott since he was a Riolu after being saved the night Peter bit him. He evolved into Lucario the night that Scott broke through the mountain ash wall, fighting against Jennifer Blake. Ever since his evolution, Lucario has been able to communicate with Scott telepathically. Because of his abilities to sense aura, Lucario is able to sense a threat even before the werewolves can. He is incredibly protective of Scott, and can sense the alpha from miles away. During their search for Scott and Kira in Mexico after Kate kidnapped them, Lucario became incredibly erratic after realizing that he couldn’t sense Scott because of his change into a berserker. 

Lydia, Espeon, and Noibat 

Espeon “The Sun Pokemon” Its fur has the look and feel of velvet. The orb on its forehead glows when it uses its power.

Noibat “The Sound Wave Pokemon” Their enormous ears can emit ultrasonic waves of 200,000 hertz.

Lydia and Espeon have been together for years. When she was young, Lydia showered her Evee with plenty of love and affection until one day it began evolving unexpectedly. The slick, elegant Pokemon that appeared became the talk of the town for a week. Espeon’s beauty inspired Lydia to apply herself just as beautifully, quickly becoming the most popular girl in school

Noibat has been a recent addition to the pack and Lydia’s team. The bat-like Pokemon appeared one night at her window. Noibat wouldn’t leave her alone, following her wherever she went, even in the daylight. At first it was a nuisance, and Lydia didn’t understand what the little creature wanted, but Stiles was able to deduce that Noibat is known as the Sound Wave Pokemon, and that it might have been attracted to her because of her budding banshee powers. Lydia doesn’t find it funny that she attracted a pokemon with her screaming. 

Stiles and Evee 

Evee “The Evolution Pokemon” An extremely rare Pokemon that may evolve in a number of different ways depending on stimuli.

As a young boy in love with the beautiful Lydia Martin, Stiles became obsessed with finding and Evee of his own. Due to their rarity, it became a daunting and almost impossible task. When he finally found Evee that became yet another journey. Stiles tracked and followed this Evee relentlessly, and when he finally caught him the little guy was so adamantly against being caught that Stiles had no choice but to bring a wild Evee home. His father was shocked and angry, but his mother thought it was hilarious, especially how ratty looking Stiles looked after a whole day of hunting after the Pokemon. Evee actually took to Claudia first, following her around and ignoring Stiles. But, after Claudia passed away, darker days followed the Stilinski family. Evee noticed how quiet and different Stiles had become, totally unlike the restless, hyper kid that had forced him to join his family. Evee began comforting Stiles anytime he could, and slowly Stiles became himself again. Evee became an important part of Stiles life, more than just a ploy to attract Lydia Martin. Even after hers evolved into Espeon, Stiles decided he’d rather keep Evee as he was. 

Evee became very sick when Stiles was possessed by the Nogitsune. Lucario had informed Scott that something about the creature’s dark aura had affected the bond between Evee and Stiles. After the Nogitsune was defeated, Stiles returned as himself and Evee instantly began getting better. 

Derek and Zoroark 

Zoroark “The Illusion Fox Pokemon” Bonds between these Pokémon are very strong. It protects the safety of its pack by tricking its opponents.

The night of the Hale fire Derek’s Zorua evolved into Zoroark in order to protect Derek and Laura from what was happening. With her illusions she was able to fool the hunters into believing that all of the Hale pack had been decimated, and she was also able to hide the young werewolves. After the hunters had left, she dropped the illusions and they returned to the charred house, where they found Peter screaming. With Zoroark’s help, Derek and Laura were able to transport Peter to the hospital

Zoroark never leaves Derek’s side, protecting him in a way that always reminds him of his mother. The nature of these Pokemon are usually that of tricksters, but the events that have molded their lives have made her an incredibly serious ally. But, unlike Derek, she is a better judge of character. 

When Derek became alpha there was tension between him and Zoroark. She never questioned his actions, but she never agreed with them. Many of his actions lead to him almost loosing her as his friend and ally. 

Kira and Pikachu

Pikachu “The Mouse Pokemon” It has small electric sacs on both its cheeks. If threatened, it looses electric charges from the sacs

Electric types have always been drawn to Kira like moths to a flame, but this Pikachu had been particularly persistent. While living in New York, the Pikachu would climb through her window from the fire escape and would follow her around her room. Pikachu would also rub himself against her, and it was odd considering that the Pokemon’s natural static never really affected her. One day Pikachu nuzzled his pouch against her skin and there was absolutely no sensation other than a slight buzz. Kira never mentioned it to anyone, thinking that it might have been that something was wrong with Pikachu. When Mr. Yukimura announced they would be moving to California, Kira asked if Pikachu could come with them. They agreed, making Pikachu Kira’s first Pokemon friend. 

Everything that has happened in Beacon Hills have revealed many things to Kira about her family. Finding out she is an thunder kitsune also explains her proficiency with electric-types. During the time she was kidnapped by William Barrow, Pikachu discharged an incredible Thunder attack to protect them from his maniacal plan, and Kira absorbed its power revealing her true nature as a kitsune. It also explained that Pikachu had been able to use its electric moves all along, but the need to do so was subdued while being around Kira who was unknowingly absorbing Pikachu’s powers. 

I literally could not decide between Espeon or Noibat for Lydia that’s why she has two and everyone else has only one. This whole project has been so much fun but also really productive when it comes to practicing. Stiles was the last one I did, so you can see the difference from him and Kira when it comes to overall finished look (Stiles looks so much prettier ;_; ). I’ll probably do more, but not for a while. 

Also, I know there’s a ton of PokeAUs, but I was personally inspired by feriowind and her Pokevengers set. 



"I’ll take that one," Derek said. His voice came out hoarse, embarrassingly so. "The one in the middle."

The trader wasn’t impressed with Derek’s choice. “That one is beneath someone of your station,” he said with shocking bluntness, while the omega fluttered his eyelashes at Derek, hips swaying suggestively. “He’s well-bred,” the trader continued, “but his hygiene is poor and he acts the vixen. I cannot guarantee he’s…untouched. The other, on the right—”

"I’ll take the one in the middle," Derek said again, firmly.